Apple Music is now available on Windows 11 as an Android app

Apple Music is now available on Windows 11 as an Android app

Apple Music is now available on Windows 11 as an Android app

iTunes is available on Windows 11, and it lets users access their Apple Music library. Those who don’t like using iTunes on Windows can now take advantage of the Apple Music Android application on Windows 11, albeit you may need to do some extra steps to get it working.

Microsoft announced that Android application support is officially here for the Beta users, and it can now be tried out if you’re in the Insider program. The application works as you would expect, the same way as it does on Android. Tom Warren shared a screenshot of the application on Twitter, which seems to run exactly as you would expect. 

The current preview version of the system only supports around 50 Android applications on the Amazon Appstore, but more will be available as we get closer to the official release day, and once it starts rolling out to the public. There’s one caveat right now if you want to install Apple Music, and that is that in order to run the app on your machine, you’ll need the APK file. There are quite a few steps involved in getting it working, but it may be worth it if you don’t like using iTunes or the web version of Apple Music.

Recently, Apple introduced a cheaper Apple Music Voice Plan that costs only $4.99 in the US, and it allows subscribers to gain access to the entire library of Apple Music using Siri. It will only be available on Apple devices since Siri is still unavailable outside the Apple ecosystem. We have also seen Apple Music working on the new Sony PlayStation 5, although official support still hasn’t arrived on the gaming console.

What are your thoughts about the Apple Music app running on Windows 11? Will you consider giving it a try? Let us know in the comments!

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