Apple may launch a smarter HomePod with TV and FaceTime features

Apple may launch a smarter HomePod with TV and FaceTime features

Apple may launch a smarter HomePod with TV and FaceTime features

Apple may introduce a HomePod and Apple TV hybrid stand-alone device in the future, says leaker Mark Gurman. The unannounced device has been on the table since Apple discontinued its first smart speaker last year.


  • Apple may be working on a smart speaker with Apple TV features.
  • The smart speaker hybrid could also feature a FaceTime camera for video calls.
  • HomePod mini successor is also in the works according to Apple leaker.

Due to the low demand and steep pricing of Apple’s HomePod, a cheaper version called the HomePod mini was introduced in 2020. The smaller variant fared better than the former in terms of sales, leading to the discontinuation of the company’s bigger HomePod.

A hybrid Apple smart speaker and Apple TV device in the works

According to Gurman’s latest newsletter, Apple is now working on a hybrid device that will feature both its voice assistant Siri plus a display similar to the Amazon Echo Studio but having added Apple TV features for video streaming and casting. There is also a camera to accommodate video calls – via FaceTime of course.

These purported details coincide well with the absence of the second generation HomePod. However, other details of the smart home device are still unclear – the price, for example.

In addition, the journalist also predicts that Apple is working on the successor to HomePod mini. It is understandable given the company would take like to take advantage of the success of its mini smart speaker.

Ikea Sonos Symfonisk smart speaker
Ikea Sonos Symfonisk smart speaker wall / © NextPit

When should you expect the Apple smart speaker and TV box hybrid?

Apple does not yet have a regular cycle for refreshing their smart home devices. However, the first generation HomePod has been on the market for four years now while the mini model will be turning two this November. It is safe to say that Apple will eventually announce a new smart home product in the foreseeable future.

Will you upgrade your Apple TV to a smart speaker Apple TV hybrid in the future? Hit us with your thoughts in the comment section below.

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