Sun. Dec 5th, 2021
Apple for Kids Portal Helps Set Up Apple Products and Services for Your Children

Apple for Kids

Apple has added a new “Apple for Kids” portal to its website offering parents a one-stop location for getting to know everything on how they can set up new Apple devices and services for their children.

The page highlights how a parent or guardian can easily set up family sharing, Apple Watch, and more for their children. The very top of the portal has quick links to manage family groups, what to do if your child has purchased something accidentally, and what to do if your child has forgotten their device passcode. Using Screen Time, you can see how your kids use their devices and limit their usage of a specific app or game, control who they communicate with, and more.

It also highlights how a guardian can keep track of their child’s activities, including approving purchases for them, locate missing devices using Find My, prevent in-app purchases, and more. If your child is over 13, you can allow them to update their own birth date from the Settings app. However, if your child is under 13, you will need to contact Apple support to update their birth date.

If you have a child using an Apple product, you should definitely go through the portal and set up family sharing and Ask to Buy. The latter will ensure that your kids take the necessary permission before making any purchase. You can also send Apple Cash to your children using Aplpe Pay in case they run out of cash.

Apple for Kids

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