AMD Big Navi (Navi 2X) release date, price, specs and performance

The AMD Big Navi graphics cards will revealed on 8 October, alongside the upcoming Ryzen 4000 processors.

AMD President and CEO, Dr. Lisa Su, confirmed this information after posting the below video to Twitter. At the end of the video, a small caption reads “A new journey begins October 8”.

It’s very exciting that we’re only a few weeks away from the official reveal, but what do we know about the upcoming next-gen graphics cards? The latest rumours suggest Big Navi will feature up to 80 compute units, which is double the count of AMD’s current strongest graphics cards, the Radeon RX 5700 XT. Two separate renowned sources, @_rogame and @KOMACHI_ENSAKA, posted the same rumour, giving credence to the specs.

If the 80 CU figure is accurate, Big Navi cards could see 5120 stream processors and (as pointed out by Wccftech) 17.5 TFLOPs of power. This all amounts to a seemingly powerful graphics card which would likely surpass the Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti.

Dr. Lisa Su previously confirmed select Big Navi GPUs will be 4K-capable and support high-end features such as ray tracing, making them direct competitors to Nvidia Ampere.

For more information on AMD Big Navi graphics cards, keep scrolling down.

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AMD Big Navi release date – When will AMD’s next-gen GPU launch?

AMD has confirmed the Big Navi graphics cards will be unveiled on 8 October.

A release date is yet to be provided, but expect the graphics cards to hit stores in a matter of weeks after the official showcase.

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AMD Big Navi price – How much will AMD’s GPU cost?

AMD has not provided pricing details for its Big Navi graphics cards, which comes as no surprise as we’re still a few months away from a release. It’s likely that AMD will try to undercut the recently revealed Nvidia Ampere graphics cards, but that won’t be easy since Nvidia has set very competitive prices. 

The Nvidia RTX 3080 and RTX 3070 will cost £649 and £469 respectively, so expect AMD to follow suit in that ballpark.

Wccftech suggested the Big Navi range will be split up between ray tracing-capable graphics cards, and cheaper alternatives that don’t feature such fancy features. This would imitate the same model Nvidia uses with its GTX and RTX graphics cards.

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AMD Big Navi specs and performance

AMD is yet to reveal specs for its Big Navi graphics cards, although did confirm it will feature RDNA 2 architecture that supports variable-rate shading and hardware-based ray tracing. However, Wccftech reports ray tracing will be exclusive to the high-end and enthusiast cards, leaving the low-end cards to focus on power efficiency and affordability.

AMD also confirmed its high-end Navi 2X graphics cards will be powerful enough for 4K gaming, which is no surprise since it’s rumoured to be more powerful than Nvidia’s RTX 2080 Ti. The new RDNA 2 architecture is said to boast a 50% performance-per-watt improvement on the current generation, potentially resulting in a significant performance increase. 

It’s been heavily rumoured that Big Navi will see a maximum of 80 compute units, which is double the count of the Radeon RX 5700 XT. Renowned leaker wjm47196 also claims the next-gen graphics cards will feature up to 16GB of VRAM capacity. The leaker didn’t clarify whether the type of memory architecture will be GDDR6 or HBM2(e), but Wccftech points out the claimed 512-bit bus interface means that GDDR6 is the most likely out of the two.

If these leaks are true, it’s looking increasingly likely that AMD Big Navi will have enough power to surpass Nvidia’s RTX 2080 Ti. That said, Nvidia Ampere features the even speedier GDDR6X memory type, giving team green a potential performance advantage. AMD Big Navi probably won’t be as powerful as Nvidia’s offering, but expect supremely competitive price points.

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AMD Navi 2X

AMD Big Navi design

While it’s far too early to see exactly what AMD’s next-gen graphics cards look like, AMD has confirmed on Reddit that there will be no blower reference fans. This news comes after a Reddit user spotted the use of an axial-fan cooling solution on a Financial Analyst Day presentation slide.

Nvidia has been using this cooling system with its RTX graphics cards, resulting in improved efficiency and quieter fans. With a seemingly dual-fan setup, it’s likely the upcoming AMD graphics cards will end up looking very similar in design to Nvidia’s current offering, which is no bad thing.

Otherwise, we know very little about how it looks, with Wccftech reporting that AMD is yet to finalise the Big Navi PCB design.

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