Amazon’s Kindle e-readers will finally support the most popular ebook format

What you need to know

  • Amazon Kindle will add support for the ePub format later this year.
  • However, in order for Kindles to read ePub files, you must convert them using the Send to Kindle function.
  • Kindle e-readers are also dropping support for the old MOBI format.

While Amazon’s Kindle lineup is arguably the most popular e-reader on the market, it is lacking in one critical area: support for the ePub format. This will change later this year, with Amazon announcing that Kindles will finally support ePub.

Amazon quietly made the announcement on the Kindle Content Help page, stating that Send to Kindle apps will be able to open ePub files beginning in late 2022 (via Good e-Reader). However, this means that Kindles won’t gain native ePub support. Instead, you’ll need to convert ePub files using the Send to Kindle function so they can be opened on many of the best Amazon Kindle e-readers, such as the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition (11th Gen) and Kindle Oasis.

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