Thu. Oct 28th, 2021
A new Sony Xperia smartphone is coming on October 26

Sony has been keeping very quiet ever since it released the Xperia 1 III back last August, but it seems it has some news to share as it quietly posted an invitation to its upcoming event. The new invitation states that a new Sony Xperia product can be expected, although it doesn’t reveal what we might see unveiled.

Sony posted a link and an image on Twitter, inviting fans and the media to its upcoming event that will be held on October 25, at 11 PM EDT. The teaser doesn’t reveal any information that we could use to speculate what may be unveiled.

The good news is that the event will be live-streamed on YouTube, so we’ll be able to see what the company has to share with us. Qualcomm hasn’t unveiled a new Snapdragon chipset yet, so it will unlikely to be a Mark IV Xperia phone. Our best guess would be a new mid-ranger, but they often don’t get flashy live streams and live events as they’re not as powerful as the more important Xperia flagship devices. We could see some news about the PlayStation, but since the invitation primarily focuses on the Xperia branding, we wouldn’t expect it to be included in any way, shape, or form.

At this moment, we simply have no idea what to expect, so we’ll have to come back for more and wait for Sony to surprise us with some great news, hopefully. The company may announce some new Xperia accessories, although those fall under a different department and don’t carry the Xperia branding for any of the most popular devices. The event is only two weeks away, so we don’t have to sleep many days to find out what Sony has to say and share with us. Stay tuned; we’ll cover the event in more detail!

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