Last updated: September 20th, 2022 at 05:32 UTC+02:00

Google is all set to hang the curtains on the Hangouts web client in November and completely transition to Google Chat. There is a new update coming to Google Chat (via 9To5Google) that brings the ability to send multiple photos and videos simultaneously. Do note that the new Google Chat update is rolling out to Android users, and it may take some time to be visible on your Samsung smartphone or tablet.

Upon opening the Google Chat Android app, the media picker will let you choose up to 20 photos and videos to send in one go. Also, there is an option available to remove selected items before you actually hit the send button. This is a huge update for Google Chat users, as prior to this update, users were restricted to only sending one photo or video at a time. This made the whole task of sharing a bit more tedious if you have a bunch of photos and videos to share.

Google Meet gains multi-pinning feature on Android for workspace users


The Google Chat feature to send multiple photos and videos isn’t available on the web app, though. But it works perfectly fine on the standalone Chat client and the unified Gmail app on iOS. However, Google Chat on the web also gains a new feature. The Chat app on the web gains support for Smart Reply suggestions in multiple new languages, including Spanish, French, and Portuguese. The feature was first rolled out for English in 2019.

Google Workspace users of Google Meet for Android and iOS are also getting support for multi-pinning. This feature first rolled out to the web in June. This feature lets you keep up to three video tiles fixed on your screen. This is another useful feature of the video chatting app in multiple scenarios for translators and shared presentations. Google is also pushing picture-in-picture (PiP) improvements for mobile apps.

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