Last updated: September 19th, 2022 at 15:42 UTC+02:00

Samsung Bespoke appliances are a range of home appliances that you can customize based on your room decor. You can elevate your personal spaces by opting for colors and combinations that uniquely fit those spaces and define you. Now, Samsung is all set to launch its Bespoke range of refrigerators in India on September 20.

As per the official newsroom post, once launched, consumers would be able to customize the four-door Samsung refrigerator based on their color preferences. It is speculated to be very similar to what Samsung has to offer its users in the US. On the official website, you can choose the colors for each door of the fridge and get yourself a highly customizable and personalized Samsung Bespoke fridge.

Samsung will offer you a variety of colors and shades to choose from. So, there are a set of incredible color combinations that you will be able to create using the Bespoke refrigerator customization option. Apart from colors, you will also be able to select the depth of the fridge and get yourself a uniquely dimensioned Bespoke fridge.

Samsung to expand availability of Bespoke appliances to more countries

The Bespoke refrigerator launch will happen on September 20 at 12 PM IST. You can stay connected to Samsung’s official Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channel to know more about the launch. You can visit this website to add the launch event to your calendar or register yourself to get the latest info about the Bespoke appliances. Samsung Bespoke appliances are already available in over 50 markets across the globe. And, Samsung wants to expand its Bespoke range of home appliances to more countries this year.

Moreover, Samsung’s Bespoke appliances combine the company’s trademark SmartThings technology with a design that is uniquely yours. The SmartThings make these devices energy efficient and also Wi-Fi enabled. SmartThings Energy also helps you monitor the energy consumption of all your appliances and devices, and makes use of AI to intelligently monitor and improve energy efficiency.

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