Last updated: September 12th, 2022 at 14:08 UTC+02:00

As some of you know, Apple unveiled its new iPhone 14 series last week. Even if you’re not an Apple fan, you probably heard about the iPhone 14 series by now given Samsung’s recent campaign to mock the series.

In any case, one of the new “innovative” features presented by the latest phones is Dynamic Island. The latter is a notification area near the selfie camera cutout that expands to offer detailed information. Nothing quite like Dynamic Island exists on Android devices, but the beauty of the Android platform is that it’s much more open to third-party app developers. And as you may have guessed by now, someone developed a Dynamic Island-style notification area for an Android device.

Unfortunately, the latter phone isn’t made by Samsung and doesn’t run One UI. Instead, this Dynamic Island-style feature was developed by Mi Theme Developers for Xiaomi MIUI. It’s not available for download as it’s pending approval but was briefly demonstrated in a short Twitter video, as seen below. (via Android Authority)

Dynamic Island-type notifications could come to more Android phones

Fortunately, this might be only the beginning, and other Android custom UI developers will likely attempt to copy Apple’s Dynamic Island for other devices and custom launchers. Perhaps we might even see a third-party Dynamic Island-type of notification area on Samsung devices running One UI.

It’s difficult to tell how Apple’s Dynamic Island will influence the Android segment and One UI in the long run. There’s a lot of buzz around Dynamic Island, mainly because the iPhone 14 series isn’t very exciting, to begin with. Either way, this feature’s popularity could spawn all sorts of similar ideas on Android, and this MIUI interpretation of Dynamic Island might be the first of many.

Do you think Samsung should start developing its own Dynamic Island-style notification area to accompany the circular selfie camera “Infinity-O” cutout? It’s worth reminding that Samsung attempted to make its Infinity-O display area more interactive through display cutout notifications, i.e., EdgeLighting+, for the Galaxy S10 and Note 10. But compared to Apple, Samsung didn’t spend as much time and energy developing this feature beyond its most basic functions, and it never really caught on.

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