The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will sport exactly the same camera design as the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, according to a new tip.

Ice Universe is one of the most prolific and reliable of the Twitter tipsters when it comes to solid Samsung news, and they had the following to say about Samsung’s early-2023 flagship.

If accurate, it means that the rear of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will look an awful lot like its predecessor, unless Samsung comes up with some bold new material or colour combination for its next top dog.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra’s camera module was the big differentiating factor in a design that largely aped the classic Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Rather than a single huge mesa-like slab of a camera module, it moved to discrete individual camera units and a thicker main body.

We’re not against iterative design when that design is strong, but we weren’t huge fans of the look of the Galaxy S22 Ultra. It was big and boxy, and felt out of kilter with the rest of the range. It was certainly a step back for the Ultra line after the super slick Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Max also had this to say about the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s camera module: “The new design for the camera sensors has them sticking out, so the phone rocks a lot when you perch it on a table. I’ve also found dust gets caught around the camera sensors very easily when the phone has been in my pocket for prolonged periods.”

Here’s hoping Samsung has some significant refinements in mind for the rest of the Galaxy S23 Ultra design.

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