Last updated: August 17th, 2022 at 08:32 UTC+02:00

Google officially released the Android 13 update for Pixel phones a few days ago. The update arrived earlier than expected, but Samsung Galaxy smartphone and tablet owners will have to wait a few months before getting the Android 13 update. While the update isn’t a massive overhaul, a few things stand out, especially because they touch upon the privacy and security of the users.

One feature that arrives with Android 13 is its ability to automatically clear your clipboard entries after a specific period. In an official blog, Google says that the feature is designed to reduce the chances of third-party apps accessing private information. It will benefit users who frequently copy information related to their credit/debit cards, email addresses, names, and phone numbers copied to the clipboard.

Gboard also automatically clears your clipboard history after a specific time


According to the folks over at 9To5Google, Android 13’s clipboard history will be wiped clean after an hour. Google has even added an animation on its official blog that shows the one-hour timeline. While this is a nice privacy feature, a lot can still happen in that 1-hour window, so you need to be wary of which apps you give access to your clipboard.

Not only Android 13, but Gboard, the most popular keyboard app globally, also clears its clipboard history after a particular time to achieve the same privacy objective. However, with Android 13, the clipboard history will get removed automatically, irrespective of the keyboard you use.

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