Last updated: August 5th, 2022 at 14:32 UTC+02:00

It’s Friday, and we’ve prepared another SamMobile Podcast episode for you on our YouTube and Spotify channels. Grab your drinks and popcorn, and join us as we take a closer look at this week’s rumors surrounding the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

The clock is ticking with less than a week to go before Unpacked. However, for today’s SamMobile Podcast, we’re taking a step back from the upcoming Samsung foldable phones and looking further into the “distant” future of early 2023. That’s when the Galaxy S23 Ultra should be unveiled, and if the latest rumors are correct, the flagship will introduce a brand-new ISOCELL camera.

So far, Samsung announced the ISOCELL HP1 and HP3 cameras, neither of which seem to be planned for a Galaxy device. Instead, they’re to be acquired by Samsung clients, such as Xiaomi. However, the latest rumors suggest that Samsung is preparing a third, unannounced sensor called the ISOCELL HP2.

Like the HP1 and HP3, the ISOCELL HP2 could also have a resolution of 200MP. But unlike the first two sensors, the HP2 will be used by Samsung for Galaxy devices. And if it is true that the Galaxy S23 Ultra will use the ISOCELL HP2, it means that the same device will be Samsung’s first to adopt such a high-resolution mobile camera.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra will most likely set new records across different areas, and mobile photography might be one of them. The ISOCELL HP2 could be the next-best mobile camera used in a Galaxy device, but keep in mind that these unconfirmed details remain subject to change.

Either way, assuming that the Galaxy S23 Ultra will adopt a new 200MP camera, it will probably be the only device from the S23 trio to do so. The base and the Plus models should both share a less powerful camera setup.

Check out SamMobile Podcast Episode 18 below, and feel free to join the conversation around Samsung’s next flagship phone for 2023. See you next week!

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