After Apple, Samsung is the only company making smartwatches that have now developed a pedigree. The company has been doing this for several years now. Samsung’s smartwatches have come a long way. Its decision to modernize the round shape of “normal” watches for smartwatches with the Galaxy Watch series was an industry-defining moment.

There are countless other OEMs that make smartwatches. Google has a whole program with fashion brands that made Wear OS-powered watches, but they’re forgettable at best. That’s likely why Google realized it needed a partner like Samsung if Wear OS was to have a future. So the decision was made last year to work closely with Samsung to revamp Wear OS. Samsung held up its part of the deal by shifting the Galaxy Watch series from Tizen to Wear OS.

As we’ve explained before, Wear OS needed Samsung way more than Samsung needed Wear OS. So far, this partnership between the two tech giants seems to be paying off. Galaxy Watch owners now have access to a wide variety of Android-powered apps and services. Google benefits from the stamp of approval that it gets from Samsung for its wearable operating system.

Never one to rest on its laurels, Samsung is now preparing to launch its new lineup of smartwatches. The base Galaxy Watch 5 models can be considered evolutionary upgrades. They feature some design changes, slightly bigger batteries, and an overall improved fit and finish. However, leaks have shown that the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will truly be a monster smartwatch.

At 1.36-inch, the AMOLED display of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is likely the biggest and highest resolution panel yet on a Samsung smartwatch. The 590mAh battery is also in a league of its own. Two-day battery life will well and truly be possible with this smartwatch, addressing one of the major concerns that conventional watch owners have with smartwatches.

The design changes Samsung has made for this model seem to be a conscious effort to attract watch lovers. Larger watches are a growing trend in the industry. Customers are more interested in buying watches larger than 40mm. Some of the biggest brands in the industry have responded. The Rolex Day-Date, an iconic series of the brand, has long been available in 36mm only. Earlier this year, Rolex launched it in a 40mm size. Similar size bumps have also been made by Rolex for its Oyster Perpetual and Submariner lines. Evidently, even the most prestigious watchmakers must follow trends.

A smartwatch has to tick a lot of boxes before it can even begin to register on a watch lover’s radar. Sure, they might wear a smartwatch to the gym for its exercise tracking capabilities, but would they wear it out to dinner when they’re all dressed up? Perhaps the battery is already low and if the watch dies out before the night is over, there’s really no point in having it on your wrist.

With the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, it seems Samsung has made a conscious decision to address as many of these pain points as it could to attract a new set of buyers. At 45mm, it’s larger than most smartwatches and in line with recent trends in the smartwatch industry where most watches are now between 42-45mm, with some brands like Panerai and Hublot making even bigger watches.

The chunky battery is also going to provide more longevity to the smartwatch. It should be able to last more than two days on a single charge. Someone who never switched from a conventional watch just because they couldn’t bear the thought of having to charge their watch every single day just might take notice.

Obviously, that’s not to say that every Rolex owner will drop their prized Submariner or Day-Date as soon as the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro comes out. However, they might be tempted to finally add a smartwatch to their collection, and Samsung should most certainly chalk it up as a win.

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