Last updated: August 2nd, 2022 at 17:43 UTC+02:00

Samsung’s self-repair program is going live in the United States today. Galaxy S20 / Galaxy S21 series and Galaxy Tab S7+ customers can now refer to Samsung’s Self-Repair program web portal, where they can purchase genuine replacement parts and iFixit repair tools.

According to the tech giant, the idea behind the self-repair program is to allow customers to extend the life of their devices, promote a circular economy, and minimize e-waste. Not to mention that customers can potentially save some money on repair bills.

The power of Samsung Self-Repair, backed by iFixit

Unlike Apple, whose self-repair program involves renting expensive (and cumbersome) equipment even for some of the simpler repair jobs, Samsung took a more user-friendly route.

The Korean tech giant partnered with iFixit to provide specialized repair tool sets for mobile devices and detailed online step-by-step guides for its Self-Repair program.

All this knowledge comes at no additional cost. Once customers have the needed replacement parts (priced below, via AllAboutSamsung), they only need the willingness to refer to video guides and follow instructions before they start disassembling their phones or tablets.

“Samsung Self-Repair is another way for customers to prolong the life of their devices before they are recycled,” said Vice President of Customer Care at Samsung Electronics America. But the program also makes it easier for customers to return discarded hardware components for responsible recycling at no additional cost.

Unfortunately for customers in other markets, Samsung has launched the Self-Repair program only in the USA. And at the moment, only a few devices are supported. However, the company confirmed that it wants to expand the program to include more repair options and Galaxy devices.

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