I love Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip line of phones. Most of us here at SamMobile do, even though we all know that it’s the Galaxy Fold series that’s Samsung’s true flagship offering in the foldable segment.

There’s just something about the phone, like how it works virtually like a regular product that is still in the experimental stage and how Samsung packs in so many high-end specs. You do give up a big battery size, however, and your camera experience is affected, as well.

With the Galaxy Z Flip 4, though, Samsung may be on to something. Based on rumors, Samsung is addressing one of those two key issues with the Z Flip 4: battery capacity. It could also be fixing a major complaint about the existing models’ charging speeds.

According to the latest info available about the phone online, the Z Flip 4 could come with a 3,700 mAh battery that supports super fast charging. Now, 3,700 mAh is still adequate for a phone with a 6.7-inch screen, but compared to a 3,300 mAh battery, it may very well make or break the deal for many folks.

And I would count myself among those folks if the rumors are correct. For some reason, the Z Flip and Z Flip 3 manage to last surprisingly long for their battery capacity, which points to unique optimization on the software side.

If those optimizations carry over to the Galaxy Z Flip 4 along with the bigger physically battery capacity (or capacities, as the Z Flip line’s battery is split into two parts to account for that foldable design), we’re looking at yet another model in the series that could be a hit amongst the target crowd.

Not that the battery needs to be bigger for the phone to sell well, but the upsize wouldn’t hurt anyone, either. And while I’m always going to moan and complain about the fewer number of cameras on the Galaxy Z Flip line (the Z Flip 4 is not expected to change anything on that front) until something changes, I may be able to overlook that part if that battery upgrade turns out to be true and actually buy one for myself.

At least that’s what my heart is telling me I’ll do: Whether or not I actually buy a Samsung foldable anytime soon remains to be seen. But the Z Flip 4 has me excited, even if just for the battery upgrade, so I’m keeping my wallet ready as we count down the days to Samsung’s official unveiling of the phone and the day when the pre-orders kick off.

What’s your take? Would the battery upgrade — albeit a small one in the grand scheme of things — make you switch to a Galaxy Z Flip 4, or is there something else you want Samsung to bring to the table before you take the leap?

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