The vast majority of Samsung Galaxy smartphones feature a tall aspect ratio and a display cutout for the selfie camera. But did you know that these design characteristics can be changed in Samsung’s proprietary Android skin on an app-by-app basis? Here’s all you need to know.

How to force full-screen apps

Most mobile apps support Samsung’s tall aspect ratio out of the box. Some don’t, but they can be forced into full-screen mode through One UI.

To do this, open the Settings app on your Galaxy phone and access “Display,” followed by “Full screen apps.”

Make sure you’re viewing the “Aspect ratio” tab at the bottom, then select the desired app from the list and choose whether it should run in its default mode or in full screen.

How to hide or show the selfie camera per app

If you find the camera cutout distracting in some apps, you can choose to hide it behind a wider notification bar on an app-by-app basis, or force it to show in other apps.

To do this, access the “Full screen apps” menu as before, then switch to the “Camera cutout” tab at the bottom. Next, select the desired app from the list and select “Show camera cutout” or “Hide camera cutout.”
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