In an official newsroom post, Samsung has explained how you can enjoy and experience its Space Tycoon game, which is a virtual playground on the popular global metaverse platform Roblox. In the metaverse, users can build and customize real Samsung products and connect with other people, including next-generation (Gen-Z) consumers.

Samsung created this Space Tycoon virtual world from the joke “Samsung must’ve hired an alien” because of the launch of innovative products. In this virtual world, there is an abundance of resources, and somewhere in the bright future, aliens could research and develop innovative products that seem out of this world. This project is led by Soojung Lee, Jaeik Lee, Yeonee Choi, and Doeun Shin.

The story starts when users are asked to create a virtual product using minerals in the Lab. With the products, users can collect coins, which can later be used to purchase smartphones, avatar customization items, and other Samsung products.

Within a few days of launch, the number of visits to Space Tycoon surpassed 5.9 million

Choi, who designed the UI and game scenarios, explained, “Rather than having a brand simply provide passive experiences, we wanted to provide a more active experience where consumers get to make the products themselves in the metaverse and go beyond experiences in reality. To accomplish that, this genre was the best for Space Tycoon.

Moreover, the post further explains that you can use your Galaxy Z flip smartphone as a scooter or a bag, or use Jet Bot vacuum cleaners as hoverboards, bringing imagination to reality in the virtual world. The Space Tycoon virtual world has ditched the dark, serious image of space and brought in both bright and cheerful colors to make it a fun place, that catches the attention of the user. For instance, the desert color is pink rather than the usual sand color with forests in jade color.
Young millennials are also attracted to this new metaverse game, where just a few days after launch, the number of visits surpassed 5.9 million. Average users play for about 5 minutes, with heavy users playing the game for more than 3 hours. More information can be found here.

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