Last updated: July 22nd, 2022 at 18:12 UTC+02:00

Samsung’s app dedicated to taking care of your Galaxy phone and tablet is getting a new update. Samsung Device Care version is rolling out as we speak, and this makes for the 2nd update this month.

Samsung rolled out another Device Care update last week. That was version Now, the company is rolling out version, and much like the previous update, the new one also lacks a changelog.

Device Care users can download the latest version by tapping this link to access the Galaxy Store and tapping the “Update” button. Or you can open the Settings app on your device, access “Device Care”, then tap the three-dotted menu button, tap “About device care,” and hit “Update.”

Do keep in mind that system apps like Device Care have staggered releases, meaning that the latest version may or may not be available for your device in your region yet.

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