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If you’re fed up of the flashing LED lights on your Nothing Phone (1), then this article explains how to switch off the feature.

One of the unique selling points of the Nothing Phone (1) was the system of LEDs on its rear panel, which can illuminate in particular patterns when there’s an incoming notification, indicate how much charge the device has, or even work as a light for your camera when you’re shooting in the dark. However, if you’re tiref of these lights or find them distracting then this guide explains how to turn off the feature.

What we used

  • We used the Nothing Phone (1), and this guide specifically concerns this handset alone

The Short Version

  • Go into the Settings app
  • Tap on Glyph Interface
  • Toggle Glyph Lights to Off
  1. Step

    Go into the Settings app

    First of all, open your phone’s Settings app. You’ll find this by bringing up the app drawer from the home screen, and then tapping on the app with an icon that looks like a cog.

  2. Step

    Tap on Glyph Interface

    Once the Settings app is open, you’ll see an option reading Glyph Interface. Tap on it.

  3. Step

    Toggle Glyph Lights to Off

    With the Glyph Interface menu open, simply toggle Glyph lights to Off by tapping on it.


How do I turn the Glyph lights back on again?

Simply follow the same steps as this guide, but in the final step change the toggle to On

Why would I turn off the Glyph lights?

Even though the Gylph interface is a USP of the Nothing Phone (1), it can become a little annoying if switched on all the time. Our reviewer Max Parker writes, “The look is clever and unique, but I eventually found the constant light show more of an irritant than a benefit.”

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