Although Samsung has one of the best retail networks in the world and the best smartphone trade-in program among all other OEMs, chances are that many Samsung customers have had at least one unfavorable experience with the company’s support teams. Maybe a shipment got delayed, or the company didn’t want to repair your device under warranty. But it’s probably nothing like this story from an IT professional who claims that Samsung owed them more than $45,000 in trade-in credit.

The disgruntled Samsung business customer took to Reddit to share their experience with the company after buying 125 Galaxy S22 Ultras with trade-in for employees. The customer, who claims that Samsung owed them $45,593 in trade-in credit, shared what they had to go through to recover a part of the owed sum. (A large portion is still owed).

The customer opened dozens of tickets, most of which got no response. The Samsung Business support line failed to provide any real help most of the time, with the majority of conversations ending the same way, i.e., Samsung said: “We are investigating.” Reaching out to execs via email or Twitter reportedly led to nowhere.

Recovering part of the owed money through chargeback

The 125 Galaxy S22 Ultras were purchased in three batches. The first and second orders (placed on April 15 and May 3, respectively) were for 50 phones each. The third order (June 8) was for 25 Galaxy S22 Ultras.

Although Samsung managed to pay a part of the owed trade-in credit on the second and third orders, it apparently continues to ignore the first order. The company still has to transfer $35,880 trade-in credit on the first order, $6,713 on the second order, and $3,000 on the third order.

With all the official Samsung support channels apparently failing to shed some light on the issue and help this customer, the latter turned to the credit card holder, American Express, and managed to close two of the three disputes in their favor. Their account was credited for $9,173 ($6,713 + $3,000). However, the bigger chunk of $35,880 trade-in credit on the first order remains unpaid.

If all this is accurate, then Samsung appears to have failed this business customer terribly. According to the company, trade-ins should take no longer than eight business days to be processed and confirmed via email. However, in this case, Samsung seemingly still owes almost $36,000 in trade-in credit to this customer after two months.

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