Samsung has made a habit of doing what others might think to be impossible. It’s tough to stand out in the very competitive smartphone market. There are so many manufacturers you wouldn’t even think twice about, let alone remember. It has taken relentless innovation and advanced for Samsung to maintain its position as a titan of the industry.

Let’s not forget the fact that many of the innovations in display, semconductor, camera, and battery technologies made by Samsung have significantly contributed to the industry’s advancement. The company has also been a trendsetter, leading the way forward and changing things for the better.

After several years of working on the technology, Samsung came out with its first foldable smartphone in 2019. The original Galaxy Fold was a proof of concept. It showed the world that foldable smartphones were not a gimmick, that they could be used as daily drivers.

Over the next two years, the company would significantly improve its foldable lineup. It added a clamshell model and perfectly positioned the Galaxy Z Flip as a trendy and fashionable accessory. The Galaxy Z Fold became more durable and powerful, making it the perfect choice for power users everywhere.

As many at Samsung would like to point out, it’s just getting started. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 are due to be unveiled on August 10. They will further improve on all of the advancements and enhancements that their predecessors brought to the table.

What Samsung has established over the past year is that foldables are here to stay and they are the future of the smartphone industry. The company confirmed today that it shipped nearly 10 million foldable smartphones worldwide last year. That’s a 300% growth compared to 2020 and why we’re sending 10 million cheers to Samsung!

It goes to show that a lot of people across the globe have voted with their wallets. The foldables are not cheap Android phones, yet people are more than happy to spend over $1,000 on a foldable smartphone from Samsung. It’s incredible that in three years, Samsung has been able to inspire so much confidence in a product that many felt wasn’t going to be more than a novelty.

The only way to go from here is up. When the new foldables arrive next month, it’s quite likely that after a year, they’ll have sold much more than 10 million units. Many of those who already own one will undoubtedly be buying the new models, all of us at SamMobile who use a Galaxy foldable will most definitely upgrade.

Customers who have been on the sidelines but have seen people around them use these phones without any problems for over a year will be more open to taking a chance on the latest models. With effective messaging and marketing, Samsung will be able to bring them into the fold (pun intended) fairly easily.

For a company that was long accused of being a copycat, and a bit unfairly at that, Samsung has shown that it has the courage and the technical capabilities to take on risks that will define the future of the smartphone industry. Unlike companies like Apple that seem to be fine with resting on their laurels, Samsung is actively shaking things up.

It’s not like Samsung is doing this for the first time. The company transformed the smartphone landscape with the Galaxy Note series. It pushed the industry to adopt larger displays. Even as everyone ditched phones with a stylus, Samsung swam against the current and made the Galaxy Note series one of its most successful products.

History is repeating itself with the success Samsung’s foldables have achieved. It guarantees that Samsung will be able to leverage the first mover advantage to maintain a dominant position in the market, even as more challengers surface with their own foldables. Until then, 10 million cheers for Samsung!

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