Qualcomm has announced that it will unveil the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, which will power the Android flagship phones of 2023, much earlier than usual.

The American chip maker announced on its website that the next Snapdragon Summit (Qualcomm’s annual showcase event) would take place from November 15 to November 17. The event typically takes place in December.

This could have very real repercussions for the smartphone release schedule. With the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, Xiaomi stole a march on its rivals by releasing its Xiaomi 12 flagship in China on December 31, 2020.

An earlier launch for the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 could prompt more manufacturers to release their flagship phones earlier. At the very least, we’ll be keeping an eye on the Xiaomi 13 for a potential early December release.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Summit 2022 will be taking place in Hawaii this year, as usual.

As for the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 (it’s a fair assumption that’s what it’ll be called), it’s expected to be a 4nm chip manufactured by TSMC. We’ve heard it said that the chip will switch things up with an unusual 1+2+2+3 core arrangement. That’s four types of CPU core rather than the usual three.

Qualcomm recently announced another new Snapdragon chip, and potentially an even more consequential one. The Snapdragon W5 Gen 1 and W5 Plus Gen 1 are the company’s long awaited new wearable processors, bringing a much more efficient 4nm production process for a 50 percent boost to battery life.

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