Apple announced iOS 16 earlier in the year and while it won’t hit all devices until later, early betas have showcased some of the smaller features Apple didn’t spend much talking about during the grand reveal.

One of our favourite new additions in iOS 16 is keyboard haptics. These are small vibrations that offer some welcome feedback when you’re typing and while they’ve been a mainstay on Android for years, they’re very much new to iOS.

Here’s how to enable the new feature once you’ve installed the iOS 16 beta. As always with beta software, it’s best to install on a secondary device as bugs will likely be present.

What you’ll need: 

The Short Version 

  • Open the Settings app in iOS 16
  • Scroll to Sounds and Haptics
  • Open up Keyboard Feedback
  • Enable Keyboard Feedback
  • Swipe back to Settings
  1. Step

    Open the Settings app on the iOS 16 beta

    Haptic keyboard feedback is a new feature added in iOS 16 and until this software becomes available for all later in the year you’ll need to install the public (or developer) beta to get the feature now. If you’re already on iOS 16, open the Settings app on your iPhone.Open the Settings app on the iOS 16 beta

  2. Step

    You’ll want to find the Sounds and Haptics option in the settings app, so scroll down until you see it and then tap it.Scroll to Sounds and Haptics

  3. Step

    Open up the Keyboard Feedback option

    Now you’ll want to find the Keyboard Feedback option inside the Sounds and Haptics menu. When you see it, tap on it and we can move on to the next step.Open up the Keyboard Feedback option

  4. Step

    Enable Keyboard Feedback

    When you’re inside the Keyboard Feedback menu you should see two options: Sound and Haptic. Tap to enable the Haptic option and the slider should turn green.Enable Keyboard Feedback

  5. Step

    Swipe back to Settings

    Swipe back to the Settings apps and you should now see ‘Haptic’ next to the Keyboard Feedback option. This means the setting has been enabled.Swipe back to Settings

  6. Step

    Open an app with the keyboard present

    You’ve now enabled haptic responses in the iOS 16 keyboard. To test it out, head to any app with a keyboard and start typing – you should feel a soft vibration as you type.Open an app with the keyboard present


How can I disable the haptics?

To disable haptics, simply repeat the process above but tap the slider to turn grey instead of green. This will disable them and take the keyboard back to how it was before.

Does this work on iOS 15 iPhones too?

Sadly not. This is a new feature added in iOS 16 and as such, you’ll need the update to take advantage of it.

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