It happens at least twice each year: Samsung launches flagship phones and other mobile products (mainly wearables) in the first and second half every year, and we manage to see almost all information about these new products through the ever-thriving leaking industry. Case in point: today’s major leaks about the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and the Galaxy Z Flip 4.

It’s something that ruins Samsung’s meticulously designed Unpacked events — both virtual and live — for us hardcore fans, and the only time Samsung managed to keep things properly under wraps was with the first Galaxy Fold. So it’s not like the company can’t keep things secret, but it’s clear it’s not something the company is particularly nit-picky about.

Of course, these leaks do help get people excited about upcoming products, so it’s no wonder that Samsung doesn’t try that hard to keep information from getting out. And considering it seems to be a near-impossible task to stop info from leaking, I think Samsung should embrace the leaking and just start marketing its upcoming products way ahead of time.

That’s something Google has done recently, officially releasing tiny titbits of info about its new Pixel phones before the full unveil. It seems to have worked, too: The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are doing quite well, although one could argue it’s because of their aggressive pricing. Well, the aggressive pricing is probably not something Samsung is willing to embrace for flagship phones, but I see no harm in teasing new products ahead of time.

In fact, it could be advantageous for Samsung: reveal just the right amount of info before a product launch so people don’t turn to leakers, who tend to completely ruin Samsung’s Unpacked events year after year. Some will naturally seek out more of that info, but I feel many will also just be content with those official teasers.

Samsung should essentially copy what manufacturers like Google and Nothing are doing: build up hype officially instead of letting the leaksters do it. It could have many good side effects, like raising consumer interest and, in the long run, increasing the company’s sales. We all know sales of Samsung’s foldables could use a boost, so maybe starting with the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 would be a good idea?

What’s your opinion on this? Should Samsung start posting official teasers about upcoming products instead of letting things leak online and waiting until its Unpacked events before officially revealing a single detail?

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