The Samsung Galaxy S23 will have much the same 10MP telephoto camera as the Samsung Galaxy S22, according to fresh internet claims.

Last week we learned that Samsung’s next flagship phone would be receiving a boost to its selfie camera, from 10MP to 12MP. This will apparently open the way to 4K video recording and broadcasting.

But what about the rear camera set-up? If Dutch website GalaxyClub is to be believed, we might not be seeing such a meaningful upgrade, at least when it comes to the telephoto camera.

It claims that the Samsung Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus will pack the same 10MP telephoto camera as the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S23 Plus. The report doesn’t confirm that this is the exact same sensor, nor whether the 3x optics will remain the same. Given the shared 10MP resolution, however, it seems likely.

It’s worth noting here that Samsung only moved to this sensor with the Galaxy S22 line. This both strengthens the case that there won’t be any change, and should mitigate any disappointment.

While there seemingly won’t be any change from a hardware standpoint, we can’t say that we’re too upset. In our review of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus we found that it had an excellent camera system. “Whichever lens you choose to use, you’ll find that the images you take are packed with detail and colour”, our reviewer said.

It remains to be seen whether the main 50MP wide sensor and the 12MP will also be the same as their predecessors.

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