MagSafe powerbank for iPhone 12 with AirPods charging too

If you’re looking to keep your Apple devices charged while you’re on the go, a new dual-sided MagSafe powerbank for iPhone 12 and AirPods might be just the thing.

Zens has today announced four new powerbanks with support for MagSafe wireless charging …

The entry-level one is the ZEPP01M, which provides the convenience of MagSafe charging for the iPhone 12, ensuring that the two stay magnetically attached. It offers a 4,000mAh capacity, which is enough for more than one full charge, and is itself recharged via the supplied USB-C cable. The ZEPP04M is the same thing, but with a 10,000mAh capacity.

Stepping up to the ZEP02M gets you one additional feature: the powerbank itself can be wirelessly charged on any Qi charging pad.

Finally, and perhaps most interestingly, there’s the ZEPP03M. This doesn’t have the ability to be wirelessly charged itself, but it offers dual-sided wireless charging, with the ability to simultaneously charge an iPhone 12 and an AirPods Pro case. I have one on test at present, and a review will follow.

All but the entry-level 01 model also have a built-in stand, which can be used in either vertical or horizontal mode. I’m a particular fan of this feature as I greatly prefer charging stands to mats, and this lets you have the phone at a convenient angle for desktop use while in hotels, on trains, and so on.

Zens says this was its aim: to extend the convenience of wireless charging while on the move.

Wherever we go, we always take our mobile devices with us. The need to be and stay connected is more present than ever. For that reason, Zens, a Dutch provider of innovative charging technologies, is launching a new series of power banks to give everyone easy access to power and let them experience the freedom of wireless charging on-the-go. Zens’ four power banks also have MagSafe support. Due to the integrated magnetic force, the power bank keeps MagSafe compatible devices in place while charging. Also, almost all power banks have a stand that can be used during charging. This way, you can place the power bank in the desired position, both horizontally and vertically—ideal for watching a movie or series on the go.

Pricing ranges from $49.99 to $69.99 with free worldwide shipping. UK and European pricing is the same in pounds and euros. You can order from the Zens website (the products haven’t yet been added to the company’s Amazon store).

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