Samsung is bringing five Galaxy A 2021 models to the US this month, three with 5G

Samsung is bringing the first batch of Galaxy A 2021 phones to the US, including its first 5G phone under $300. There are three 5G models in total, plus a couple of affordable 4G phones. All but one of them will be available by Friday.

None of these are new, by the way, they launched in other markets previously. This is all about the availability in the States. Here’s a handy table with prices and launch dates:

All five models have expandable storage. Also, Samsung is giving away free trials for YouTube Premium (2 months) and SiriusXM Streaming (6 months) with all of these models.

The Samsung Galaxy A42 5G will arrive first, you will find it on tomorrow. Most of the others will arrive a day later (on Friday), all except the Galaxy A02s, which is expected on April 29. It’s not clear if any carriers will offer the 2021 A-series models.

It looks like the Galaxy A32 4G and A52 4G will not be joining their 5G siblings in the US. This also means no Galaxy A72 (which only has a 4G version).

Coming soon to the US: Galaxy A52 5G
Coming soon to the US: Galaxy A42 5G
Coming soon to the US: Galaxy A32 5G
Coming soon to the US: Galaxy A12
Coming soon to the US: Galaxy A02s

Coming soon to the US: Galaxy A52 5G • Galaxy A42 5G • Galaxy A32 5G • Galaxy A12 • Galaxy A02s

We’ve already reviewed the Galaxy A42 5G and the Galaxy A12. We also have a review of the Galaxy A52 (4G), though note that it has a different chipset and display compared to its 5G sibling (S720G vs. S750G and 90 Hz vs. 120 Hz).


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