Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 could have smaller battery

(Pocket-lint) – The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is rumoured to be coming with a slightly smaller battery capacity than its predecessor – the Galaxy Z Fold 2

According to Korean news site, The Elec, citing industry sources, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will come with a 4380mAh battery capacity, which is the same as the original Galaxy Z Fold. It’s around a three per cent reduction from the Galaxy Z Fold 2, which offers a 4500mAh battery.

The battery is said to be supplied by Samsung SDI for the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Galaxy Z Flip 2 – which could also be called the Galaxy Z Flip 3. It’s said they will be released together later this year, possibly in July.

The Elec report also claims that the battery reduction should also see the size and weight of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 change compared to the Z Fold 2. It’s said the main display will be reduced to 7.5-inches from 7.6-inches, while the cover display will remain at 6.2-inches. The size of the device is claimed to be the same as the original Galaxy Z Fold, which would mean smaller than the Z Fold 2, but with “zero bezels”.

Other rumours surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 suggest the third-gen vertically folding device will come with S Pen compatibility like the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, and there is also talk it could feature an under-display front camera.

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Writing by Britta O’Boyle.

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