Huawei opens ad partnership program to advertisers in Europe

Huawei is expanding its advertising business and is looking for ad partners in Europe by launching the Huawei Ads marketplace. This lets advertisers, agencies, and app developers find customers among Huawei’s userbase. The new program will also let developers integrate Huawei Ads into their apps for additional revenue.

Huawei opens ad partnership program to advertisers in EuropeHuawei’s global reach consists of 700 million smartphone users. Advertisers on the Huawei Ads program will be able to reach potential customers across 20 Huawei apps, including the Huawei App Gallery. It will also show ads on Huawei’s Petal Search, and across thousands of third party apps.

Huawei will offer incentives to agencies and advertisers in Europe for joining the Huawei Ads program including free advertising credits, rebates, and training sessions. Experts will be able to help advertisers with setup and optimization of ads.

Huawei opens ad partnership program to advertisers in EuropeHuawei Ads current partners include Air China, BMW, Dior, Lexus, Gucci, KFC, TikTok, Pepsi, Disney, And Puma.

Based on Huawei’s current partners, it appears that global brands will mostly benefit from Huawei Ads. Perhaps Huawei’s dwindling popularity in Europe may not benefit local brands from advertising on the platform.


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