95 well-timed phone pictures that will make you look twice

(Pocket-lint) – Ever since the first camera was added to a phone, we’ve become obsessed with taking pictures of just about everything that moves and a lot of things that don’t.

From selfies to waving a smartphone around at a gig or sporting event, we just can’t get enough of taking pictures in locations and circumstances that we never would if a trip to the developers awaited after.

That isn’t necessarily always a good thing, although some of the best comedy posted online can be attributed to those who can’t leave their phone’s camera alone.

There are those that take pictures with their devices in peculiar situations and have found incredible shots awaiting them. Not necessarily always for the right reason. even look back through their photo libraries afterwards. Hopefully, they had a much of a giggle looking back at their shots as we do now. They are, quite simply, hilarious.

Call them optical illusions, call them perfectly timed, or even call them unfortunate, each of the pictures in the gallery above are great examples of what can happen when you arm everyone with a camera that they carry with them all the time. We hope you enjoy flicking through the pics as much as we have.

Oh, and be warned, some of them might seem NSFW. They’re not when you look more closely, but your boss might not get that chance.

Bored Panda

A new breed

A new breed of hound spotted in the wild. This dog looks like he means business, even more so with a large head of horns. 



Extendo arm

This chap really wanted to make sure he was in the photo. So much so he used his ultra-long extendo arms to move one of the girls out of the way so he could be in the frame. 



Surf’s up

No doubt not the usual sort of spray pro surfer Mick Fanning is used to. Certainly a foamy finish and a brilliant celebration of his victory. 



Fire face

This BBQ might look like it’s out of control but maybe there’s a demon trapped inside?



Love is in the shadows

This perfectly timed photo appears to show two lovers leaning in for a kiss, it’s actually just two strangers shadows embracing as they walk by each other in the street. We love that the dog seems to see it too. 



The morning after

Wow, that must have been a really good night out. Another classic timed photo snapped showing someone far worse for wear than they actually are. 



Send help

This corker was posted on Reddit with the caption “the struggles of a substitute teacher”. Apt projection and another case of brilliant timing, this time from the classroom. 


Yawning on parade

We bet this soldier got chewed out for breaking formation for a bit of a large yawn. Ruined the perfect lines of the photo and everything. 


Bored Panda

Interesting tackle

We’re not sure this is the best way to get the ball, but it’s bound to work well as distraction. 




This image almost perfectly epitomises America – the bald eagle, the jet engine vapour trails and a dose of perfect timing. 



Dog in a bubble

A brilliant piece of timing captured in a video. A dog appears to be trapped in a bubble, floating off over the garden, possibly never to be seen again. 



A patriotic reflection

This perfectly placed wine glass has created an excellent reflection of the American flag on this table top. 



Kids will play with anything

It might be hot out, but we’d never recommend trying to cool off like this. Once again though, children and perfect timing deliver an amusing photo. 



Surfing skills

Ever wondered how our feathered friends spend their days when we’re not looking? We bet even David Attenborough has never seen a duck surfing during his travels. 



Feline appreciation

Is there a better love than cat love? These two furry friends are showing off their mutual appreciation by curling out a quick furry heart. 


Nick Kelly

Fish face

Another brilliantly classic photo of perfect timing assisted by some tropical fishes. Now we no longer need to imagine what it would look like if a human being had a fish face. 



Another case of dog face

Another perfectly timed photo showing a dog owner apparently becoming one with their owner. Don’t worry, her bark is worse than her bite.



Powerlifter legs

This little sunbather looks like they’ve never missed out on leg day at the gym.  



A swift kick

This mannequin appears to be getting the perfect revenge by clocking an unsuspecting person in the rear end. 



Anything good?

Don’t you hate it when people read over your shoulder? This pigeon has taken that cheek to a whole other level. 



Ice cream thief

A brilliantly timed image that shows the aftermath of an ice cream theft. Including the disappointed face of the victim, watching as the cheeky feathered monster makes off with his prize. 



Not as dangerous as it looks

At first glance, it seems like this man is about to toss his baby over onto a train track, but in reality, he’s just giving the little one a better view of the model railway. 



A perfect morning reflection

Another incredible image of nature, perfectly timed to capture a small bird glancing at themselves in a car mirror. 



Wood you look at that

This poor woman looks like she’s been in a horrible accident or someone has been using her head to chop wood rather than something more sensible. Yikes. 


Dog mouth

You know that thing where you wake up with morning breath? Imagine how bad your night would have to be to wake up smelling like a dog instead. 


Face meets post

We’re not sure what happened here, but this poor cyclist is surely going to have a headache after this. Maybe they were distracted trying to get out of the way of the photo?


Bat to the face

There’s a lot of to love about this photo, including the hilarity of the people who saw it coming and panicked and the women casually eating who didn’t notice a thing. 




Away with you and your scary long legs! We’re fairly confident that this one was posed, but it’s still mildly amusing. 



Three legs?

Another timed photo that requires two or three glances before you see the truth of the situation. No, that’s not a third leg, it’s actually just a vase. Weird pose, but ok. 



Legs everywhere

So many bare legs on display, it’s easy to miss what you’re meant to be looking at and even then you have to look twice. 


@WorldStarFunny (Twitter)

A new hairstyle fashion?

We’ve seen all sorts of weird and wonderful hairstyles over the years. But making your head look like there’s another mini person living in your hair is certainly taking it to another level. 



Alien horse

A brilliantly timed photo of two horses standing side-by-side appears to show alien-like happenings as one horse’s face emerges from another’s mouth. Terrifying, but perhaps not as much as the real thing?



You looking at me?

Swimming with tropical fishes is a fantastic experience, but this photo certainly shows the fish aren’t always such fans. Brilliant timing showing both human and scaled creature staring at each other though. 



It’s all in the reflection

Imagine wandering into a takeaway in just your skimpies. The reflection in this image is certainly well-timed, if a little shocking. 



Getting a head

If you want tiny, wee old men swimming, you’ve come to the right place. There are a few of these photos showing small people with large heads or vice versa and we love them all. 



Take a second look

This is one of those perfectly timed photos that require a second glance, it’s not nearly as bad as you first think. 



Friends in need

If your friend has turned up naked to an event, it’s only right to help them hide for photos. Oh, no, hold on it’s just another case of timing and perspective. 



Not ageing well

This young lad is not ageing well. Small, young body topped off by an old wrinkly noggin. 




A household trained version of a centaur? You certainly wouldn’t tell this woman to get in the kitchen to make you a sandwich. 



Lost for words

We really don’t know what to say…



His eyes are up here

You know what they say about men with big feet. But what about women? This cheeky chap certainly looks like he’s having a good time. 



Right on the smackers

This perfectly timed photo shows a lady getting a big sloppy kiss of her four-legged friend. What we love though is the way it looks like she has massive lips. 



Don’t upstage the bride

The bride demanded that all her bridesmaids were smaller so’s not to upstage her. This is not a small person wedding though, the bridesmaids are all just sitting on their other half’s knee. 



Towering giant

Gulliver was pleased that his ropes had been loosened. Passersby were certainly keen to take a look at the magnificent towering giant. 



Getting ahead

A magnificent feat of athleticism sees this person’s head completely disappear mid-jump. 



Birthing a new style of dance

We’ve seen some impressive moves on the ice, but this one is a real eye-opener. This perfectly timed photo appears to show one dancer giving birth to another. 




They call her shaggy – not sure why. Is this a lady or a dog or a dog lady? Who can tell. 



Lacking a splash

Jack found out too late that some joker had added Gelatine to the pool.



The bearded lady

A perfectly timed image sees a woman in mid-jump getting a hairy makeover. 



It’s all about the angle

This is still a bit racy even when you figure it out. We have to admit we were thoroughly confused when we first looked. 



That baby has mighty pins


Strong stuff

A really strong girlfriend or a man with a thing for wearing tights and short shorts. Who can say? Either way, it makes for an amusing photo. No denying. 



Long-legged bartender

Maybe this bartender thought he could get away with wearing something more comfortable behind the bar and no one would notice? That’s quite a pair of legs though. 



Fire breathing pooch

The mother of dragons would be proud of this one. A dog that can fire flames from its mouth, light a fire pit and keep unwelcome guests at bay. 



That is one hairy arm

Another classically timed image showing a couple of ladies on a bed, one of which has an incredibly hairy arm apparently. 



When two become one

Another classic merging of people thanks to a perfectly timed photo of two lovers embracing. These sorts of images really mess with our eyes. 



Just an elbow

Facebook would probably take this image down for being too lewd, but it’s nowhere near as dodgy as it looks on first glance.



Man’s best friend

We understand the love for four-legged friends, but having your head surgically swapped with a furry one might be a step too far? 



Clever advertising

We often enjoy a bit of clever bus advertising, but this one is really getting a leg up on the competition. 



Daydreaming about burgers

While most of us are stuck on the train dreaming about tropical islands and paradise retreats, this chap is just daydreaming about a nice burger. 



Dress or cake?

That’s one way to cut costs, a combo cake-dress. Delicious and beautiful too. 



Unfortunate branding

We’re not sure this branding was thought through. Did Starbucks head office approve this van?



The eye of the hunter

A brilliantly timed photo appears to show a man with an eagle’s eyes or an eagle with a manly chin. Magnificent. 



It’s certainly a look

Who likes short shorts? This guy does. Either that or it’s a lady with a really large head. 



Giant seagull

This seagull really puts Sesame Street’s Big Bird to shame. A gigantic monster of a bird. We have a feeling that if it tried to take your chips you’d just have to let it. 



Ride ’em cowboy

Nothing to see here, just a man casually riding a lady, while also taking a boat trip. 



Even celebrities are doing it

It seems that even the likes of Liev Schreiber are not above a perfectly timed image. Weird and wonderful contorted human shapes created by him and his family. 



An angel in an unlikely place

A firefighter is caught climbing a ladder in a perfectly timed moment that sees him becoming an angel. This man was one of many heroes working during one of Mexico’s Earthquakes and he probably deserves those wings. 


A bumblebee carrying the sun

We know how special bees are and how much they mean to the planet. This perfectly timed image is a fitting homage to their value. A lone bee carries the sun between its legs as it flies off in search of nectar. 


Invisibility cloak?

This lady was pleased with her dress purchase. It’s easy to see why. Or is that, it’s easy to see right through why. 



Head first plunge

An amazingly timed image shows a headfirst plunge into the cooling waters. Not a single splash was given. 



Don’t worry, Doctor Who will be here any minute


A little rocket power

What did he have to eat? We’re worried he might be contributing to global warming with that sort of smoke output. 



If bird had hands

This brilliant snap certainly made us look twice. Is the bird taking a photo of itself, posing for a portrait or simply catching up on its Twitter feed?


A cork to the face

This poor chap took a champagne cork to the face while posing for a photo at Christmas. Timing doesn’t get much more perfect. 


A rainbow strike

This once in a lifetime photo shows the moment a plane is hit by lightning while also flying through a rainbow. What are the chances?


Where are you going Marge?

This one almost looks too good to be true. Homer Simpson is photographed peering out of the window just as his ever-loving wife passes by on the side of a van. 


A perfectly timed bite

A no doubt painful moment resulting in the perfect image of someone having their fingers nibbled on by a squirrel. 


Its playtime

This seemingly terrifying image appears to show two angry dogs in the middle of scrapping, but they were actually playing with a tug toy, but managed to drop it as the photo was taken. 


Unexpected outfits

It’s fairly unusual to see a gathering of nuns like this, even more so when you see their current choice of getup. 



Wooden legs

Even if this is staged, it’s still fantastic. Lovely, long, wooden legs, the perfect camouflage for hunting no doubt. 



Give her a hand

Instead of a massive head, this little nipper seemingly has a gargantuan hand instead. 



Why the long face?

A majestic stallion deserves an impressive getup. A brilliantly timed photo of horsing around. 



An arm from below

Surely going to be a policeman when he grows up – with the long arm of the law… er… sigh. If you’re wondering what’s going on, take a look under the tablecloth. 



Not as lewd as you might think

This well-timed photo was genuinely kicked off Facebook for violating terms. They should have taken a second look.



Cruise liner transporter

Ever wondered how they get cruise liners to the water after leaving the factory? Probably not like this. 



Vladimir Putin undercover

It seems that the Russian President might be in the hospital for some treatment and maybe doesn’t want anyone to know.



Lamp head

This man is certainly going to have some bright ideas. An illuminating view in the local library. 



Wooden buttocks

Taking a little break for a rest can sometimes have some unforeseen consequences. In his case, a good old case of wooden butt. 



Natural gas explosion

We know that methane is a perfectly good natural gas, which is why it’s a good idea not to light a match when standing near the rear end of a cow. 



That’s one tasty bin

A weirdly timed photo shows a woman licking a bin. Delicious. 



Larger than your average baby

Getting nappies in the right sizes is the biggest issue, but this baby has no trouble getting about. 



Racy Rabbis

Ever wondered what a Rabbi wears under his garments? Wonder no more. A little lacy number certainly offsets the magnificent beards. This hilariously well-timed image was taken at an airport arrivals area. 


Anntennae head

This brilliantly timed photo appears to show an alien woman walking the streets.



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