Samsung Galaxy S21 lineup surpasses 1 million sales in South Korea

Samsung has now sold more than 1 million Galaxy S21 series units in Korea, a few days shy of two months after their release.

The Galaxy S21’s 57 days to 1 million sales is one month faster than the Galaxy S20 last year, but still 10 days slower than the Galaxy S10 series managed in 2019.

Samsung surpasses 1 million Galaxy S21 units sold in South KoreaThe breakdown of sales sees the smallest Galaxy S21 as the best-seller with 52% of total sales (that’s more than 500,000 units), while the Galaxy S21 Ultra accounted for 27% and the Galaxy S21+ the 21% remaining. Of all Galaxy S21 units sold, 20% were unlocked and 60% were purchased online.

This year Samsung brought the Galaxy S21 series to shelves in January, instead of mid-February like it did with the Galaxy S20. And it priced the Galaxy S21 at a lower KRW 999K (€750, converted) than the Galaxy S20’s KRW 1.24M (€930, converted). Both factors contributed heavily.

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