Chinese company patents ‘Drunk Mode’ for smartphones to prevent you from drunk texting

I am not sure about you, but I have had many instances where some of my friends ended up sending an unwanted text (it’s mostly to an ex), or send a less than glamorous photo of themselves to someone really important or just post the same on social media. While there have been several apps that have been designed to prevent such incidents, a Chinese company seemingly wants to do more.

Gree Electronics, a little known software company from China, recently filed a patent for developing a ‘drunk mode’ for smartphones. The idea behind the mode, once again, is to prevent users from ending up making questionable decisions with their smartphones once they are completely sloshed.

What seemingly makes the ‘Drunk Mode’ from Gree different from an aftermarket app is that this will most likely be implemented as a separate mode on the smartphone instead of an installable app. According to MyDrivers, who reported about this first, once enabled, the Drunk Mode blocks access to several “commonly used apps” and ensures that you don’t make a fool of yourselves on social media or worse, get yourselves a restraining order.

To get ‘Drunk Mode’ to work, the user will need to select the apps that he/she wants restricted and set a rule. They will also need to set “sober verification rules” that will be used to disable drunk mode. Once the Drunk Mode is turned on, users will need to pass a sober verification test to regain access to these apps.

Another thing that the Drunk Mode does is to simplify the UI of the smartphone and let drunk user access important apps and system settings without too much difficulty. This is akin to the Simple/Easy Mode options that some Android UIs offer on select smartphones. 

All things said, there is no word if this mode will ever make it out of China, and the company behind this patent is not even well-known in China. The only reason they grabbed eyeballs is because of a patent application. But then do you think modern smartphones should come with a drunk mode by default? I vote, yes!

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