Upcoming iOS app will use Face ID to carry out head- and eye-tracking

Upcoming iOS app will use Face ID to carry out head- and eye-tracking

Eyeware Beam
Coming soon to iPhone and iPad.
Photo: Eyeware Beam
Eyeware Beam, an iOS app which uses the iPhone’s TrueDepth camera setup as a peripheral for eye-tracking or head-tracking on the PC, is among the offerings at this year’s CES.

The Consumer Electronics Show, which runs today through Thursday, is a virtual event this year, due to the coronavirus pandemic. That’s not going to stop creators using it to show off some seriously impressive tech, however.

Beam’s eye-tracking feature promises to have several use cases. One is tracking attention on screen, which can provide data points that can be used to make presentations clearer or otherwise measure how a person is interacting with content. (Provided the user is willing to be tracked, of course.)

It could also be used as a controller input for games by adapting camera angles or controls to your head pose. Its creators additionally suggest it could be useful for video conferencing.

Eye-tracking is an interface element that a number of researchers have investigated. Apple itself has explored this technology although, to date, it’s not shipped any products that require eye-tracking.

At present, Eyeware Beam is in a private beta, although a full version is on the way. If you’re interested, you can sign up for an invite on the company’s website. These will be sent out in the next few weeks. “Sign-up … to join as a beta tester and help us iron out the bugs before the official release,” the website reads.

The final app should work with any iPhone that comes with Face ID. You’ll also need a computer, although the exact OS and other requirements have yet to be made public.

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