Samsung Object Erase is the perfect remedy for photobombers

Samsung gave us an in-depth look at the new One UI 3.0 user interface during the Galaxy S21 launch, including a nifty new camera feature that’ll erase unwanted witting or unwitting photobombers.

The new Object Erase feature uses AI to remove people from the image after it’s been taken. So if you’re posing at a landmark and some ass-clown is pulling a silly face in the background, object erase can ‘shop them out and fill in the gaps.

The idea is to remove strangers from the backgrounds of photos, rather than erasing the backstabbing Judas you don’t like to hang out with anymore from a photo where you look super cool.

Judging by the demonstration at the Unpacked event on Thursday, the process will be quite easy. It’ll simply be a case of enabling the mode, tapping the offending stranger and hitting Erase to seamlessly remove any traces of their presence.

Samsung said “too often, our shots are almost perfect and with Object Eraser on One UI 3, your phone will do the touching up for you.” You can see the feature in action at the time-stamped point of the Unpacked event launch below.

This isn’t a new idea, far from it. Adobe’s Content Aware tool does this quite well. However, should the AI perform as well as the demonstration would suggest, we’re excited to have this tech handily available within the stock camera app.

As the tool is available in One UI 3.0, there’s no reason it can’t be available on other compatible devices beyond the Galaxy S21 range. One UI 3.0 comes hand-in-hand with Android 11, so if your Samsung device is receiving that update, keep your eyes peeled for the Object Erase feature.

Galaxy S21 object erase2

We haven’t been able to go hands-on with the Galaxy S21 range yet, but we’re excited to give this and the rest of the new camera tech within the three-pronged range the once over..

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