iPhone 13 could usher in smoother 120 Hz displays

iPhone 13 could usher in smoother 120 Hz displays

iPhone 13 might sport a 120Hz display.
A faster refresh rate might be a highlight of 2021’s iPhone 13.
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A much-requested feature could be making its debut in the iPhone 13. The refresh rate for the display reportedly will make the jump from 60 Hz to 120 Hz, leading to a smoother appearance.

There will be four versions of the 2021 iOS model, according to ET News, but only to the two most expensive models will include a 120 Hz screen.

Apple introduced the first iPad Pro capable of this faster rate back in 2017, and successive top-tier tablets have also had the feature. Apple calls it ProMotion, and it allows the device to offer a range of refresh rates, from 24 Hz to 120 Hz. ET News did not say if the iPhone 13 will offer ProMotion or if the screen will simply increase to 120 Hz.

Benefits of an iPhone 13 with 120 Hz

Faster refresh rates make the user interface of a phone or tablet just a bit smoother and more responsive. Gamers see an even larger benefit, as many action games are coded to be played at 120 Hz. And videos recorded at 24 fps or 30 fps see a benefit from ProMotion.

There were rumors that the iPhone 12 from 2020 would offer the faster refresh rate. Supposedly, Apple decided to not include it because it puts additional strain on the battery.

But it’s something many Apple fans are asking for, especially as rival Samsung handsets include 120 Hz screens.

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