Hyundai confirms it’s talked to Apple about car projects

Hyundai confirms it’s talked to Apple about car projects

Hyundai has confirmed that it has engaged in talks with Apple, possibly lending more credibility to the concept of an Apple Car that may be co-developed by Apple with an established automotive company.

A spokesperson for Hyundai Motors gave the confirmation (which also mentioned Apple speaking with a “variety of global automakers”) following a report from the Korean website Hankyung, which claimed that Apple was working with Hyundai on both the car and its battery technology.

The Hankyung report suggested that a possible Apple Car could be introduced in 2027. That corroborates other reports, such as a new one from Bloomberg, saying that the Apple Car is still 5-7 years away.

The report claims that Hyundai will carry out part of the development at one of its facilities in the U.S.

Apple teaming with automotive manufacturers

This isn’t the first time Apple has teamed up with an automotive company. For example, in 2013, it partnered with Volkswagen to create the iBeetle. This was a car created by VW, which boasted Apple-inspired colors, iPhone docking station, and CarPlay-like app.

Since news of the Apple Car emerged in 2014, there have been persistent rumors that Apple could work with an established automaker, with Apple possibly responsible for only the software component. In 2016, Apple was reportedly in talks with German carmakers Daimler and BMW. However, these talks fell apart.

If Apple does team up with another company, it will be interesting to see how it turns out. Apple has historically been at its best when it creates vertically integrated products. That means that it designs every component of the product from software to hardware. While Apple makes use of third-party manufacturers for components found in its current products, it frequently designs these components itself. In recent years, it has brought more and more of this in-house.

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