Don’t expect to get ear cushions with AirPods Max warranty replacements

Don’t expect to get ear cushions with AirPods Max warranty replacements

AirPods Max red and black
Not unless you really need them, that is!
Photo: Apple/Cult of Mac
As with any Apple product, the stylish new AirPods Max headphones are covered by a warranty meaning that Apple will replace them if there’s a fault.

But don’t expect to get a brand-new set of the AirPods Max’s luxurious magnetic ear cushions under a warranty claim.

According to a new report, 9to5Mac reader Damien Mean recently had his AirPods Max replaced by Apple due to a Digital Crown problem. However, the replacement headphones sent by Apple did not contain the ear cushions.

As the report notes, this isn’t exactly a major shocker. Unless the ear cushions themselves are damaged (in which case they would be eligible for replacement under the warranty), you can detach the existing ones and then use them again for the replacement AirPods Max. Since Apple sells replacements for $69, the company doesn’t want to give them away for free unnecessarily. That is, after all, a big part of the appeal of the modular design. It allows customers to swap out the ear cushions, even changing up the headphones color scheme if desired.

Like the AirPods Max headphones, the ear cushions come in space gray, silver, green, sky blue and pink. Owners can change them out as they wish. For instance, you could pair sky blue ear cushions with space gray AirPods Max. There’s a total of 25 different mix-and-match color combinations. Or you could be a tower-buzzing maverick and use alternate colors for a total of 125 different combinations.

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