Power through your reading list with this subscription

Power through your reading list with this subscription

If you’re smart, you’re always looking for ways to sharpen your cognition and improve your brain’s processing power. After all, being able to consume more information and digest it quickly means you can be more efficient and productive.

You can take speed-reading courses and employ tactics to improve your memory, but there’s also a way you can work smarter (and not harder): Instaread Book Summaries let you tackle your reading list quickly.

With this app, you can consume full books in just minutes. And, for a limited time, you can save an extra 20% on already-discounted subscription prices when you use coupon code HOLIDAY20 at checkout.

While reading books is one of the best ways to foster your personal development, there’s only so much spare time you have to power through a 300-page bestseller. And since your book list only seems to grow, you may never catch up.

Instaread is a convenient app that condenses books into digestible overviews with key takeaways that can be consumed in just minutes by reading or listening — making it perfect to tune into during your commute or while you’re finishing up errands.

Instaread gives you immediate access to read or listen to summaries of thousands of books on The New York Times bestsellers list in 15 minutes or less. With these brief summaries, you get to understand the material you’re consuming (and even decide if you want to read the whole thing later on). You can use Instaread on your phone or tablet, or stream the audio formats.

Choose from titles in a variety of categories — Business & Economics, Politics, Social Sciences, Self Help, History, Health & Fitness — and enjoy titles like Getting Things Done, The 4-Hour Workweek, The Untethered Soul and The Art of Thinking Clearly. Plus, the service adds 40 new books every month.

Get Instaread Book Summaries

Instaread is so effective, it’s earned 4.6/5 stars on the App Store and has been featured on Forbes, CNET, Mashable and TNW. Choose the subscription length that suits you best and find out why:

  • Instaread Book Summaries: 1-year Subscription — $15.99 (regularly $90) with code HOLIDAY20
  • Instaread Book Summaries: 3-year Subscription — $47.99 (regularly $270) with code HOLIDAY20
  • Instaread Book Summaries: Lifetime Subscription — $159.99 (regularly $450) with code HOLIDAY20

Prices subject to change.

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