Fix coming for iPhone 12 wireless charging issue, Apple says

Apple is aware of a wireless charging issue with the iPhone 12 Pro, which is stopping the device from working with Qi-enabled chargers.

A significant number of iPhone 12 owners are believed to be experiencing the issue, judging by a lengthy thread on the Apple support forums, as well as on Reddit (via 9to5Mac).

A force restart appears to temporarily resolve the problem, which has brought complaints since the iPhone 12 line went on sale in October. However, those affected say the issue soon returns after a couple of days.

It certainly does not appear as if a majority of users are affected by the issue, but the support thread lists a large number of instances of iPhone 12 Pro users, with a number of third-party companies’ chargers at their disposal.

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Now, in a support chat, an Apple agent reportedly acknowledged the issue and said the iPhone-maker is working on a fix for the issue.

A customer service agent went on to say the company has been going through the issues faced by users, telling an iPhone 12 Pro user: “Ok, I do understand your concern We are working on this and it will be resolved in upcoming days.”

Apple has not officially commented on the matter, but it appears a forthcoming iOS update might resolve the issue sooner rather than later, even with the MagSafe platform now available and unhindered by this issue.

The iPhone 12 Pro range is the pick of the bunch this time around, with our reviewer calling it “an easy phone to recommend.” It brings a welcome redesign, harking back to the classic iPhone 4-5 devices. The reliable cameras are a joy to use in all situations, while there’s an accurate display and the super-fast A14 processor doing the heavy lifting?

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