Mi And Redmi Smartphones Facing Unwanted Rebooting Due To A Software Bug

Mi And Redmi Smartphones Facing Unwanted Rebooting Due To A Software Bug


It looks like several users are noticing unwanted rebooting of their Xiaomi Mi and Redmi smartphones in India. The company has now acknowledged released a statement regarding the same, confirming that users are facing these issues across the country and is currently working on a fix.

Mi And Redmi Smartphones Facing Unwanted Rebooting

According to the press statement from the company, a set of Xiaomi Mi and Redmi smartphones are rebooting and showing error messages as certain lines of codes are miss behaving during an update. A lot of people on Twitter have shared videos and photos of their Xiaomi smartphones which constantly reboot, they have to visit a service center to get their issue fixed.

The company is currently working with the app developer to fix this issue and has put temporary containment measures to prevent devices from misbehaving. If your device is already affected by this bug, then you might have to visit the Xiaomi service the get your smartphone flashed with stable software.

As of now, the company has not revealed the name of the app that has caused his havoc. According to the complaints, it looks like an issue related to the MIUI 12 update, where devices are constantly rebooting. According to a video posted on Twitter, one user is facing an issue with the Poco X3, which also runs on MIUI 12 based on Android OS.

Given this is a mistake from the company side, the brand should be able to offer a free fix even for smartphones whose validity has been expired. Before visiting the service center try to take a backup of your entire data to be on the safer side.

The company also said that the customer experience is a top priority, and they regret this inconvenience. To be on the safer side, do not software update your Mi and Redmi smartphones for the next few weeks, or until further notice from the company.

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